What is BFREEBelize?

BFREEBelize is a private research and educational facility located on a 1153 acre reserve in southern Belize, Central America.


Founded in 1994 by professional biologists Jacob and Kelly Marlin

Where are we?

BFREE is located in the Toledo District of southern Belize.


Our Breef Goals

1. To aid in protection of the Bladen Nature Reserve, the jewel of the Belize protected area system.

2. To provide top-quality environmental education to foreign visitors and Belize nationals.

3. To coordinate and facilitate research of southern Belize rainforests.

Who We Are ?

BFREE specializes in the accommodation of researchers and student groups, and also welcomes visitors interested in conservation, sustainable living, and the study and appreciation of tropical rainforests.

Educational programs can be customized to fit your needs or you can opt to participate in BFREE's own Tropical Watershed Ecology Program.